What is Pascalite?

Pascalite is the name of a series of microcontrollers, originally developed by Control Plus. These are all programmable in microPascal, a special version of the high-level programming language Pascal, designed to use in 8-bit microcontroller systems. The simplicity of this language combined with the powerful instructions makes it possible to develop advanced and structured applications in a very short time.

What do you need

A Pascalite Board together with the Pascalite Development Software and a computer running Windows. The Board contains a Pascalite Development Microprocessor and an eeprom, and the software is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) used for developing, simulating and debugging programs for all Pascalite Microcontrollers.

How does it work

With the editor of the IDE a program is created, and using the simulator it can be tested. Once the program is ready, it can be compiled and downloaded into the eeprom. After downloading the microcontroller executes the program, and works as a stand-alone system.

It is also possible to integrate the programmed eeprom together with a special Pascalite Application Chip in an application. Because of the low price of this chip, this possibility is very suitable for higher volume products.

For who is it

Pascalite is a powerful tool for industrial applications, besides that it is very suitable for educational purposes and electronics engineers.