Pascalite Development Software

With this integrated development environment (IDE) programs can be written,
simulated, debugged and downloaded to all Pascalite Microcontrollers. The software supports Pascalite Piccolo, Pascalite Plus and Pascalite Pro.

  • Programs are written in microPascal, a very structured and easy to learn programming language. Using Pascal it is possible to develop powerful applications in a very short time.
  • Editor with syntax highlighting and use of long filenames.
  • Integrated simulator to simulate programs line by line, virtually change the values of the input-lines, show the status of the I/O-lines, and watch the variables. Ideal to check the working of programs, but it is also is a great help when learning to program in microPascal.
  • Integrated debugger for executing programs line by line using a Pascalite Development Processor, and watch the variables. This is for example useful for checking the hardware attached to I/O-lines.
  • Complete context-sensitive Help.
  • Runs with Microsoft Windows (95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP).

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Pascalite Plus IDE
Plus IDE

Pascalite Plus Simulator
Plus Simulator

Pascalite Plus Help